Our Commitment to Community


The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple is a safer, more intersectional space for community to gather, grow and challenge institutional oppression and conventional ideals.  We offer traditional medicine for a modern world and a sacred container through which our communities can reclaim their personal power, learn skills to hone their herbal and magickal gifts and offer service to their personal goals and those of community.  Our work strives to restore the council of Witch, the revere of Healer, and the respect of Artist to our modern world.  Our programing, rooted in the tenants and traditions of nature-based practices, are designed to empower those served by our temple to reclaim their potential, strengthen their relationship with self and community, and embolden them to share their skills in helping others to do the same.  Our temple seeks to be both a hub and a spoke in a larger wheel of magick across geographic, generational and diverse expressions and traditions of the craft.    


The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple is a safer, more intersectional space for community to gather, grow and challenge institutional oppression and conventional ideals We provide classes, events, and holistic healing modalities, rooted in the tenants of nature-based practices designed to empower personal healing and life skill development. We seek to serve those looking to live a more magickal life and those most under-represented in common culture, specifically those living with the burden of forced marginalization and those committed to divesting their craft from those systems of oppression.


We provide a variety of classes, events, and holistic healing modalities designed to empower personal healing and life skill development, rooted in the inherent magic of our natural world.  Thru studies in herbalism, traditional earth based healing and ritual, and the sharing of intentional space with community we seek to help you remember and reclaim your personal power.  Our programs include: 

  • MONTHLY OFFERINGS: Intended to empower your personal craft and wellness while also strengthening the magic of community.

  • QUARTERLY COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS: Following the Wheel of the Year, we mark each Solstice & Equinox with a community celebration featuring local artists & makers, performers, intuitive readers and witches council.  These are designed also as fundraising opportunities for community to support the continued work of the teaching temple.   

  • COMMUNITY LEAD ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS: In addition to Temple lead programing, our teaching temple is available for rent by individuals and communities seeking a safer and sacred space to offer classes and events.  The temple is also available to rent for private ceremony, rituals and events. 


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